Welcome to DrizzyDrake.com!

the man himself, 'Drizzy' Drake

the man himself, 'Drizzy' Drake

Hi everyone! My name is AJ and I have just started this fan site for the rapper Drake (real name Aubrey Graham) out of Toronto, Canada. I started this site because ever since I first heard Drake rap, I knew he would be huge some day. My goal is for DrizzyDrake.com to be the premiere fan site for Drake on the web. I aim to do this by updating frequently, providing fans with lots of interesting information and material on Drizzy, as well as hosting forums where visitors can discuss Drake and his music as well as any topics they please. Stick with DrizzyDrake.com as we follow Drake’s rise to the top of the charts!

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66 Responses to “Welcome to DrizzyDrake.com!”

  1. lil'dre' says:

    By da way 2 me the greatest Drake song is Make Me Proud

  2. joses says:

    drizzy is the best

  3. Madison says:

    im 13 and i think drake is so awesome i hope maybe one day i can make a song with him i know it would be awesome.i love drake 4-ever :3

  4. Madison says:

    and i love the song over i know all the lyrics <3

  5. boby says:

    drake Aight he aint all that and abag of chips like diggy and lil wayne is horribl and he be hoen his self in his raps but he can rap sometimes drake be on the ball wit his raps

  6. drakeswifey17 says:

    drake please marry me <3
    I love drake so much. He is the best rapper ever because i luv his voice and his lyrics. And you can't forget the fact that he's hella sexy.

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