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NEW Drake Song: Cant Hide Freestyle

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Check out this track from the Drought is Over: Friends With Money edition called Can’t Hide Freestyle. I’m kind of curious to where this song will end up, it could be a a leak from his new album Thank Me Later, dropping in June. Or maybe it’s just Mr. Drizzy Drake himself just dropping tracks for the fans!

Either way here’s the link for the download, and below that you can listen to the song in a video.

Download Here

The Drought is Over: Drake Edition (Release) with Download Link

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Sorry for the wait guys, DJ Empire had to put some finishing touches on this. Its the Drought is Over: Friends with Money (Drizzy Drake) edition. Enjoy the mixtape with the link below.

Cover Art

Download The Drought is Over: Friends with Money Drake Edition Here

Drake – ‘Take You Down’ off the Drought is Over: Drake Edition Mixtape

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Drought is Over: Drake Edition Cover
So I know KarenCivil is going to drop the no dj version of this song later on today, but I just had to post the Take You Down track by Drake Drizzy off of his upcoming mixtape, the Drought is Over: Drake Edition with DJ Empire. I just want to warn everyone, this is just a webrip. Shouts to ThrowedMind Ent.

download Drake – Take You Down off The Drought: Friends with Money (Drizzy Drake) Edition

Drought is Over: Drake Edition coming on Monday [cover & trailer]

Friday, May 8th, 2009

KarenCivil has just posted a cool little preview of the upcoming mixtape by the best new rapper Drake Drizzy and DJ Empire, called Drought is Over: Drake Edition. Check out the cover below, and a trailer video beneath that. Karen will be leaking out a song sometime tomorrow she said, I can’t wait!

Drought is Over: Drake Edition Cover

Drought is Over: Drake Edition Cover


To anyone who wants to write for :

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

First, click here to sign up for an account. Then leave a comment saying that you would like to be a writer. I will update your status from reader to contributor, so that then you can contribute your own posts. Then I can edit them, make sure they’re all good and post them for everyone to see. If people are good at making posts with good pictures, videos, bolding important words and have good grammar and spelling, I will upgrade them to authors so that they can make full posts themselves. For people who already commented about writing for the site, I’ll be sending out an email sometime soon. Have fun :)

Drizzy Drake Meets Joe Budden

Monday, May 4th, 2009

“If you couldn’t tell by now, I support this dude whole heartedly…. as it turns out, he doesn’t plan on dissing anyone anytime soon… maybe I should follow suit… NAHHHHHH. believe it or not, Drake causing such a commotion, organically at that, says two things… 1. hip hop isn’t as dead as some think, 2. there’s still hope for aspiring artists, and hard work + good music still equals success” – Joe Budden
Watch the video below of when Joe Budden meets the best new rapper Drake Drizzy.