Drake Reacts To Lil Wayne’s Jail Sentence

Drake responds to Lil Waynes sentencing

Drake responds to Lil Waynes sentencing

Not even jail time can faze Lil Wayne. The rap superstar is keeping his head up in the wake of his expected year behind bars over attempted gun possession. He is scheduled to be formally sentenced in February. Wayne’s Young Money affiliate Drake speaks exclusively with Rap-Up.com about how his friend is coping with the news and how he’ll be holding down the fort when his boss takes leave.

Weezy is not dwelling on his impending prison stint and is instead using his time to focus on what he does best, making music and money. “He’s dealing with it well. Wayne’s not usually gonna open up emotionally and tell you how he’s really feeling about anything,” Drizzy tells Rap-Up.com. “He’s kinda more concerned about getting as much music as he possibly can, so that when he’s in there, people are still satisfied musically with Lil Wayne product, and that’s just the mind of a true businessman.”

Drake, who’s set to release his debut album Thank Me Later early next year, will keep business booming in Weezy’s absence. “I’ll just do what I can to keep the whole Young Money/Cash Money team going, and I just want to play my part as a team member and keep the brand strong until the boss gets home.”

Despite the circumstances, Drizzy’s cohort remains in high spirits. “We spoke last night, but it wasn’t about that though. He was making jokes. He was in a good mood. He’s always in a good mood when he’s in the studio making music,” shares the 23-year-old Canadian. “He’s like superhuman. I don’t think anything could really break his concentration or his zone when he’s in there.”

The rappers will link up next week when Young Money shoots the video for “Bed Rock.” “I get to see him next week, so hopefully I’ll be able to gauge where he’s at mentally, but I think he’s alright.”

The sentencing came as a surprise to Drake, but he believes the end result will be beneficial. “I definitely didn’t think this would be the outcome of it, but I hope it will add to him selling a million records again.” He has faith that Wayne can turn a negative into a positive. “It’s an unfortunate situation and I hope that he’ll be able to position it where his release is a day where everyone’s excited and they’re just excited about his new album. I hope he manages to market it the right way.”

Before he checks into prison, Lil Wayne will drop his long-awaited Rebirth album and the Young Money compilation, We Are Young Money, on December 15. His mixtape No Ceilings is available now.

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  1. u need to let me holla ur name and u can let beat it up

  2. ariana says:

    lilwayne is a cool person he’ll make it through it i believe but the main thing that got me was lil wayne did have the guns he’s producer or whoever had them

  3. natasha sanks says:

    i think drake is an awesome rapper and he gonna rock that shit. he’s also handsome too

  4. catara says:

    well i think dhat you can hol down young money because “your dha shit”…and love ur raps and everythng yo i got faith in you so hold it dwn

  5. prettyinpinkrae says:

    ily drake..your my future baby father.. just thought you should kno..i luvvvvvv ur lipsssssss !!!!!!!!!!! keep doin wat ur doin..kuz nobody does it bettahhhh !!!! i watched u nd loved u since degrassi. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ily….

  6. aracely says:

    you are so hot!!! you are so sexy in diz picture ilove you

  7. drakeloverss says:


  8. while weezy in the junt 4 a while my boi drizzzy kan gone and kill the rap game

  9. Jolenee says:

    umm, drake is fuucken sexaay (:
    but not only that, he really makes his music make sence, DON`T EVER CHANGE DRAKE (:
    your really an amazing man !!
    i am only 13 and your music inflewences mee (:

  10. !liiL ROyy ON DhE TRACkk! says:

    ii think drake is an awsome rapper and im looking forward to seeing what new styles of music he will present to our generation in the future!awwl yea and at the vma’s!

    u rock drake!!!

  11. felicia says:

    omg drake if u know how much i love u u just would come straight to me i pray everynight for u to become my future husband. u are so sexy i love evrything about u muahzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. yona says:

    drake is super SEXY!!!!!!!!!:) i want 2 c hm wid a new album. the sexy lipz are wrkn big tym!!!!!!!!!!

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