Drake’s First Single, “Over” Premieres At Midnight Tonight

Drake Over Single Cover?

Drake Over Single Cover?

According to Drizzy Drake‘s OVO site, tonight at midnight we will be hearing “Over“, Drake‘s first single off of his debut album Thank Me Later! Who’s excited for this?

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8 Responses to “Drake’s First Single, “Over” Premieres At Midnight Tonight”

  1. sisanda says:

    This South African mamasita awasits your leap of faith towords our stages, come on Drizzy come to Madiba’s home land, we love u out here, all 3 of the Mixtapes you’ve made plus your EP Too Far Gone!

  2. nick says:

    whers it at tho

  3. khalil says:

    that jawn flames drizzy!!

  4. Yajaira says:

    Love em!!

  5. adam says:

    drizzy drake is beast espiaclly is new single over tht nigga is fuccin awsome

  6. Kristahh says:

    Heyy DRAKE is Gorgeous!!(: You CAnt’t Denyy HeIs The Muthaa Fuckaa I Lovveee” So Get Ehtt Strait He Mineee!!![;

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