The K-Os f. Drake – “Faith”

Below is the newest song from Drizzy Drake, its by the K-Os and is called Faith. This is some more RnB sounds from Drake, and you may remember that Drizzy had these guys open for him on his last tour. Check the song out below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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3 Responses to “The K-Os f. Drake – “Faith””

  1. nadia j says:

    hey drake i love to listen to your music when i was going through alot it really helped me get through it and you taught me no matter where you come from you can make something of yourself so thanks so and you probably most likely won’t have time to read this but your music did so much for me and keep up the good work and i’m from florida heard that you are coming to tampa i’m saving up so leave miami and head to tampa so i can go to your concert and i heard that the concert and miami is already sold out well let me not waste none of your time. thanks for helping me to remember what i wanted and that i can reach my goals

  2. stephanie says:

    this is tha shitt drizzy!!

  3. Kuda Kwashe says:

    nicely done, really nicely done

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