Cosmopolitan: Drake is Smart, Sensitive & Superhot

Cosmopolitan: Is it hard for guys to get over breakups?
Drake: Definitely. Even after a long time, it’s painful to see an ex with somebody else. As happy as you are that she’s happy, there’s a little tingle underneath your heart. It’s not a sting. But it hurts a bit, and you wish it wasn’t there.

C: Is sex on a first date a deal breaker?
D: No, I don’t get why women think that. You’re telling yourself that all you have to offer is your body and the physical act. There’s more to you than that. If I like somebody, there’s so many great things to look forward to, even if we do it on the first night.

C: If a woman is into a guy, how should she get his attention?
D: I’m shy, so I like when she comes up and says “Hey, how are you doing?” That lets me know she wants to talk. The scariest thing is when you look at a woman and think of a million reasons why she wouldn’t want to.

C: What’s the best compliment a woman can give a guy?
D: I never mind hearing “You look nice tonight.” Guys put in a lot of silent effort. When I’m going on a date, I’m getting a haircut, I’ve got a new outfit, and I’m wearing cologne. So it’s nice when it’s noticed.

C: What’s the secret to a happy relationship?
D: Acceptance. You’ve got to be comfortable enough to be completely naked with lights on and the curtains open.

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  1. brandy says:


  2. Felicia says:

    Drake seemed to sweet, not the image you get when you listen to some of his songs. His responses where adorable and cute. They made me laugh and smile the whole time.

  3. I never new that Drake was shy and sensitive…SO NEW TO ME

  4. on that last question really drake thats kinda weird

  5. Ashley Williba says:

    Hey Drake I have followed you throughout your career and I am proud of what you have became. I am one of your biggest fans all i listen to is your while im at school home or at work i love your music. I am 19yrs old working on my second degree in culinary arts and i am proud to say i love school music and dancing. I just want to sit down and have a convo with you one day. well i have to go so hit me back later bye.

  6. Xavier Gilbert says:

    DRAKE I love your art of work….I loved you on Degrassi and even more now. I moved to FL from NY last month and its just a different vibe here. I just want to Thank You for the lyrics that come out of your mouth. I listen to your music on repeat mon-fri @ work. You help me get by everyday. Even tho they listen to Plies and TI real hard I still bump Drake like I’m still in NY….. Luv ya!!!

  7. steph says:

    I nevr knew he wus shy…its shokkinq bt qood to kno..I really lyk the answers he gave, it sounded sweet n generous.:D

  8. Kisha Ross says:

    You seem like your’e a generally nice person. I was at one of your recent concerts I can tell you are passionate about your music. I do wish that I could meet you one drizzy. Until then keep making great music.

  9. Diivaahhh says:

    Woowwww…i’m not even surprise to see how sensitive, adorablee & honest Drake is…He is soo…WOOOOWWW…im not a groopie i just love wat he does & how he does it. He is soo real & true that it’s impossible not to fall in lovee with his caracter..He’s soo not cocky & has the most beautiful smile ive ever seen..but whats soo cute is that he wont even brag or even snob his fans even if he became more famous than beforee..I just LOVE himm <3

  10. Mellissa says:

    Hmmmm Dake, my kinda man :)

  11. Vanessa says:

    Seems rooted in Truth and wisdom. He’s The Ideal Man.

  12. Shekina Malone says:

    Hey Drake just wanna say I am a huge fan and I absolutely love your music and who would have thought you were shy and sensitive. Guys don’t realize it but that is a real turn on:)

  13. solomon amade says:

    the naked part seems kinda true,it shows comfortability & trust but dats i part of drake i liked bt its krazi doer….

  14. hypno says:

    Drake, yo man any chance i could make an album with you i needa get mo dollas?

  15. linzy says:

    Really sweet guy, not what most people thought of Drake. Women that finds her way to you will be very lucky. Mwahh

  16. Tatyana says:

    DRAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE we just alike (sensative) i new i was your biggest fan aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ily drake always

  17. Alli says:

    I love Drake more than anything<3

  18. Veronica says:

    That is what I’m talking about Drake. Being so comfortable you can be naked with the lights on and curtains open. Now, that is some grown sh..! You are soooo handsome!! You go boy.

  19. JayMacMillan says:

    If only he knew how much I love him, but yet I’m just like every other fan that wants to meet him, I don’t wanna turn this love I have for such a great person into an obession, I’m inspired by what he shares, His lyrics are soo much more than words, I wanna let him know personally that I’m listening to him always (literatly). I probably sound soo creepy lol, but I promise you I’m not. I’m soo proud to say that.. I Love Aubrey Drake Graham ♡

  20. AnnaR0ckz says:

    Dam!!!!!!!!!!Drak3 izz zo fin3…….Juzt bY ReAdiiNg diiz InterView MaD3 hIm EveN ZexiEr, If p0zzIIbLe!!!!!!!!!!!WuV Ya b00!!!!!

  21. hendrickt says:

    Frm ur biggest fan,I’d lyk 2 say u r the ultimate.iv nvr doutd ur abilities.I jst wsh I knew how u cum up wth these gr8 verses on ur blackberry.pretty coolmim jst hopn 1 day I could meet wth u.jst 1 day!!

  22. shahista786 says:

    Hi them guy :) come on now we all human n must hve a sensitive side, but u shy! Dats a shocker! I wouldn’t mind making u more shy ! Just kidding, love ur music! I better find ur loving coz u r my kinda guy :) shahista

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