Jamie Foxx & Drake – “Fall For Your Type” [Full/CDQ]

Below we have the song Fall For Your Type (CDQ) by Jamie Foxx featuring your boy Drizzy Drake. This will be on Jamie’s upcoming album, check it out below and let us know your thoughts about Fall For Your Type in the comments!


18 Responses to “Jamie Foxx & Drake – “Fall For Your Type” [Full/CDQ]”

  1. peta-rita says:

    awwww this song is cute!!!..but the ppl arent

  2. Fernando says:

    Omg, im a big Drakes fan and i have to respectfully say that jamie really kills the song , i dont like hes voice at all specially when he tries to sound like drake. i hope to god this doesnt become into a video just because jamie has alot of money to make one just like that i would hate it cuz the song sucks by because of him but DRAKE Verse is fucking awesome he should just have done all by himself man

  3. Jboo says:

    I love this, just like I’ve loved the original.

  4. Shantae says:


  5. Corey brookins says:

    Drake goin straight to the top…every day this bul comes out with some new hot shyt. Can’t wait until he come back to philly. He kileddd it at power house. Ohh yeah and Jamie fox was hot in this jawn too=]

  6. jessicaleighc7 says:

    i like drake singing wayyy betterrr

  7. I loved it I honestly like them both when Drake sings it alone and now with Jamie Foxx love it even more keep em’ coming Drake xoxo your HUGE fan Bebe :) I love you

  8. Justin Lebron says:

    it was alright, i thought it was better when drake was singing, his rapping verse is cool, but i think drake should’ve just done the song by himself

  9. LaChandra says:

    I really like the song. Got Jaime doing his thing, as well as drake. It is defintely something I would listen to.

  10. Gabby says:

    I love the song dude.
    Great job.
    wanna check mine out?

  11. Jonathan Martinez says:

    this song is dope ass fukk!!
    butt we need to hear more drake though!!
    over all its good!!

  12. MsBreaBoo says:

    I’ve always loved this song and Jamie Foxx jus killed it!!!! He know he, and Drake of course, is truly talented.. This song is tooo true about falling for the wrong ones.

  13. isabel says:

    thiss songg iss vryy doppe!!!

  14. Robin says:

    loving this song. How do I get it. Need it on my IPOD ASAP!!!!

  15. Kimberlyn says:

    This is my absolute favorite song right now. I love Jamie Foxx and really really love Drake. They are both extraordinary in their gifts. The combination could not have been better. :-)

  16. liljo99@hotmail.com says:

    does drake say ‘i believe in people like you’ or ‘never leaving people like you’??

  17. mercedes penn says:

    this song has helped me in so many ways thank you drake i love you more than words can say.

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