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Kevin Durant Would Sign Drake! (Video)

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

If I started a record label today I would sign Drake, I would sign Wale and Rihanna,” said KD. “Drake, just because he has that icon type of status now. Wale, hometown guy on the come up. Just like me a young guy that’s trying to find his way. Rihanna is just…she’s like the new thing for the women side of what she does and she’s doing a phenomenal job.


Rihanna and Drake, Romantic Get-A-Way?

Monday, July 16th, 2012

There have been rumors circulating on the internet about Rihanna and Drake having a yacht get away coming up soon.

Rihanna is determined to live life to the full following her grandma’s death and decided to give it another go with Drake. In the past he’d moan that she wouldn’t commit and was working all the time. But she’s up for trying again. They’re meeting up on a plush yacht in Cannes next week and will then spend a week cruising around the Med. Rihanna wants to travel down through Italy and go to the most romantic places she’s seen online. It’s just what she needs after an incredibly tough few months — however, they also know how to party. They’ll be joined on the yacht by a few friends, who plan to sink a lot of champagne on the trip.

Source: The Sun

Is Drake Dissing Rihanna In “No Lie” Music Video?

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Buzz online is about 2 Chainz ft. DrakeNo Lie” music video that debuted a couple days ago. Some viewers think that Drake is taking shots at Rihanna in his verse. Drake and Rihanna did a song together titled “What My Name", where it may have been a a co-incidence, but Drake’s spit the following line in 2 Chainz’s new hit single:

“Aww that look like what’s her name, chances are it’s whats her name. Chances are if she was actin up then I f—ked her once and never f—ked again. She could have a Grammy, I still treat her ass like a nominee. Just need to know what that p—sy like so one time is fine with me.”

We not sure if it was intended for Rihanna or not, but we want to know what you think, vote below and leave us your comments.

Rihanna’s Brother Speaks On Drake And RiRi Almost Married

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

21yr old Rorrey Fenty, Rihanna‘s brother, speaks on Riri’s love life to Heat magazine a couple days ago. In his interview with Heat magazine, Rorrey gives details about how his sister dealt with the public break-up with Chris Brown and on how Drake almost became his brother-in-law. Transcript of the interview is after the jump. Let us know what you think, you think this is true or false?

Rorrey On Rihanna’s Relationship With Chris Brown:
“Rihanna and Chris Brown were great together, they were like soul mates. It’s a very sensitive subject – I just blank it out and I think she blanks it out, too.”

“When she looks unhappy, it’s not because of her missing Chris, it’s because of how hectic her lifestyle is – she sometimes does 13-hour days.”

On Rihanna’s Relationship With Drake:
“Rihanna doesn’t have a boyfriend right now. Drake and Rihanna used to be together – and he’s a pretty cool dude.”

“I was in a club in LA, and he saw me and came over. I was nearly his brother-in-law, but I didn’t know him so well, so I was touched by that.”

On Protecting His Sister:
“I’ve always been protective of her. Certain guys will be looking at her or coming on to her, and I tell them to move away and be careful not to bother her.”

“We don’t have a drinking age in Barbados, so we started partying at 14 years old.” [Sources differ on whether their is a legal drinking age in Barbados. The general consensus is that the age is 18 but anyone between the ages 10-18 can be served a drink if accompanied by their parents - a practice that is pretty common in the Caribbean]

On Rihanna’s dreams of getting married:
“I just want her to be happy. She has talked to me about getting married and having children. She plans on settling down, but she wants to focus on her career. She needs a man who likes to do the stuff she likes doing, someone laidback and fun-loving.”

“There are a million guys across the world waiting to take her out, but she says they are more intimidated by her than anything else.”

Capital FM: Drake Talks The Tube In London

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Drizzy Drake told Capital FM that he wants to experience The Tube in London, after hearing that his friend Rihanna took The Tube. The Tube, for those that do not know, is London’s underground transport system. Read what Drake had to say after the jump.

Drake thoughts on the Tube: “I guess I have to now I guess that’s like that thing. You know I feel like that’s the word on road out here is that Rihanna was on the tube so I feel like I got to experience it as well – it’s crazy. I wonder what was people’s reaction when she got on there as well, that’s amazing.”

Drake about Rihanna and Performing: “She actually probably would have got on stage and we’ve yet to perform that record together so it would have been special but she actually got there for the last four songs so she got an idea of how exciting the show was and I think she had a fun time for the brief time she was there. We’ll get to perform it at some point I’m sure.”

Drake Discusses His Relationship With Rihanna [Video]

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Drizzy Drake spoke openly with UK Presenter ThisIsMax about his relationship with Rihanna. Check out what he has to say below and leave us a comment with your thoughts.

Video: Drake & Rihanna Perform At The NBA All-Star Game

Sunday, February 20th, 2011


Just moments ago, Rihanna and Drizzy Drake had their half-time performance at the 2011 NBA All-Star Game. Check the video out above and leave your comments below. Happy Birthday Rihanna!

Video: Drake And Rihanna Perform At The 2011 Grammys

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Last night, Drake and Rihanna performed their hit single, What’s My Name, at the 2011 Grammys. Although Drake didn’t win a GRAMMY, he’s still a winner in our hearts.  Check the video of their performance above, both Drizzy and RiRi looked amazing!  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Video: Rihanna & Drake Rehearse For The Grammy Awards

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Drake and Rihanna will perform “What’s My Name” together tomorrow at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards on CBS at 8pm/ET.  Above you can see a clip of them rehearsing.  Will you be tuning in for the show?  Let us know in the comments below!

Rihanna & Drake – “What’s My Name” Music Video

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Below we have the official Whats My Name music video by Rihanna featuring Drizzy Drake. “Whats My Name” is on Rihanna’s Loud album which comes out on Tuesday, order it by clicking here. Riri and Drake do a great job on the music video, check it out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!